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Who are we

Turnarcades are home-based arcade builders based in the West Midlands, England. We custom build video arcade and entertainment machines based around home PC architecture. Our unique machines are designed to replicate authentic arcade machines as closely as possible to bring the ‘old school’ arcade experience home, but also take advantage of the power, capacity, flexibility and customisable properties of modern home PC technology.

Turnarcades can custom build any arcade machine to your specific requirements. With our dedicated on-site workshop we are able to bring the arcade feel you remember right into your home at a cost you can afford.

We can supply anything from kit’s to empty shell’s to full arcade machines with all the same level of quality.

If you have any questions or price enquires the please feel free to contact us

Custom Designs

Turnarcades can cater for any bespoke requirements you may have and work with you to create a machine perfect for your needs.

Arcade perfect hardware

All our machines come complete with arcade perfect joysticks and buttons. Optional upgrades are also available for the professional enthusiast.

DIY Packages

Turnarcades can also supply barebones flat-packed kits. This option gives you the ability to build a cabinet of your choice without the pain of cutting the materials to size.

Custom PC options

All of our full arcade machines come with various pc options which are tuned to run the games you require perfectly.

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