Turnarcades ‘Dual-Core Upgrade’ – 9/12 revisions and future plans!

This video shows the revisions, bug fixes and additions that have been made to the Turnarcades PC dual-core PC upgrade and what will be installed on this upgrade option from September 2012 onwards.

This is our first system upgrade option for over 3 years, following the phasing out of our earlier P3-based systems and our heavily-optimised P4 systems being the standard in most our models for the last 2 years. The new system Is from the same product line of our trusted small form factor P4 systems, but with a whole new architecture with the following specs:

Intel Core2Duo dual 2.2Ghz CPU
512mb-1Gb RAM
NVIDIA Geforce (or equivalent) 1Ghz graphics card
250Gb hard drive
Extended software system (5th/6th-gen console and modern PC gaming capabilities)

The new system has been introduced due to increased demand for modern PC games, as well as requests for better support of newer builds of MAME and later/more complex console emulation. The new additions will accompany the already more advanced systems like Laserdisc Arcade, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance that were already available on our old P4 systems with a hard drive upgrade, and are now set up as standard on our new dual-core spec. MAME 0.142 will also be pre-configured so other Laserdisc, .chd-based games and highly reuested titles like Street Fighter 3 (+sequels) will all be available, with easier upgrading to newer MAME releases. The system will now play things like well-coded PC homebrew such as the excellent Strrets Of Rage Remake, Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 AE, and will also soon support Taito Type X arcade system games such as BlazBlue and King Of Fighters 12. This will be of particular interest to modern fighting game fanatics, as is the fact that upcoming Windows releases such as Street Fighter X Tekken etc. should also run on our systems with a few minor file alterations to tie them into our front-end software. The dual-core spec now has the following additions over the old P4 spec, with recent revisions or key points in brackets:

- MAME 0.143 installed as standard (Includes support for .chd., polygonal games and Laserdisc roms, plus important games like Street Fighter 3)
- Atari Jaguar added (including snaphots)
- Sega Saturn added (including snapshots and old control workaround now fixed, so 4 player cabinet owners can now have 2-player game support)
- Nintendo Virtual Boy added (including snapshots and has integrated 2D display or true 3D selectable for use with standard R/B 3D glasses)
- Sega Dreamcast added (including snapshots)
- Taito Type X Arcade added (currently requires launching from desktop but soon fromfront-end as normal)
- Nintendo Gamecube added (very preliminary but around 50% compatibility and 90% speed on many games on the dual-core, but will be elaborated for higher compatibility and speed when our quad-core system is introduced in 2013.

These additions now test the dual-core spec to it’s limits, and with 6th generation systems now being partly accomplished, it will pave the way for quad-core testing after Christmas 2012 on better Gamecube, PS2, X-Box and even 7th-generation Wii emulation as far as we can push it but set at levels best for the arcade-style games on these systems only.

The dual-core is now priced at £200 as an upgrade on new systems (on all cabinets above ‘Bar-Top’ size only), and we will be look at the possibility of part-ex upgrades for previous customers who already own one of our machines, to be worked out on an individual basis. Please post any comments here but forward any enquiries through our normal channels.

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