Conditions of sale

All prices quoted on the website and current ebay listings are correct as of 1st January 2009. The quote generator is to be used only as a guide to the total cost of a project as it may not account for possible promotions, discounts, surcharges or custom design work. All potential orders must be submitted by e-mail for validation so an accurate total can be provided. Certain options may not be available on certain projects due to the physical limitations of the design or for practicality reasons. The quote generator gives a fair representation of the allowable options but we will confirm and discuss possible options before you order. The quote generator does not account for delivery costs or confirm the deposit amount required for a specific order. Turnarcades reserve the right to amend any prices, offers, extras, descriptions or sales terms at our discretion.

Turnarcades machines are custom designed and constructed entirely by hand on an order-specific basis. As such the build quality is of sound construction and finish suitable for moderate home use and transportation to the location site. Turnarcades machines are not suitable for a commercial environment and will not withstand intentional physical abuse or vandalising attacks. As they are designed for home use it is not anticipated they will be subject to these risks so damage sustained in these ways are not the responsibility of Turnarcades.

Turnarcades machines are constructed in such a way that makes them sturdy enough for transportation from our base to the customer’s preferred location. Every care will be taken to ensure that the machines are relatively safe from minor damage during transport and will, where necessary, be shrink-wrapped and padded to avoid surface damage while being handled in transit. However, responsibility for the condition of any machine or project ordered ends once it has been passed to the possession of a delivery agent or courier. We accept no responsibility for loss, delay or damage of a project caused by postal issues or courier handling, or by any customer who chooses to transport their own project from our base in person.

Warranty, Support And Disclaimer Information

The Turnarcades arcade front-end system is licensed software from the original author of Mamewah and is not for duplication or re-sale. All other personal use of the front-end and customisation is bound by the terms of the original licence agreement. For more information, support and documentation, see http://mamewah.mameworld.net/. All other software provided is used at the customers own discretion and Turnarcades are not responsible for any misuse, illegal activity or software errors/failure.

Turnarcades machines are designed and supplied for home/non-profit use only. None of our machines are intended for or permitted to be used in a revenue-earning capacity and enquiries about machines for this purpose will not be entertained. The coin door with coin mechanism option is only for cosmetic use and the software is not programmed to work on a pay-per-play basis. Turnarcades do not condone this activity and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order where we suspect the cabinet will be used for commercial activity.

Turnarcades arcade machines do not currently come with an official service warranty, money-back offer or return policy. Turnarcades is a ‘home-build’ company and all cabinets are hand-built to custom specification. As such, we do not have the financial protection, workload capacity, staffing or other means to support after-sale service. Maintenance of purchased machines are the responsibility of the customer and software modifications are made entirely at your own risk. All machines are purchased on the acceptance of these conditions and all sales are final.

Although there is no official warranty, we take pride in our work and as enthusiasts strive to ensure professional delivery of our products. We may (at our discretion) offer personal support from time to time, ranging from faulty part replacement to e-mail and software advice and support as far as is reasonable. Our primary concern is cabinet construction and electronic functionality so any software malfunction caused by suspected tampering will not be addressed. By purchasing you accept these terms and conditions.

All cabinet designs, supporting documentation, images and website content are the copyright of Craig Turner. No part of this website may be duplicated without prior consent.


Turnarcades staff are primarily composed of classic game enthusiasts and arcade building experts. Although we can advise potential customers of recommendations for their machines and offer assistance on arcade setups suitable for their requirements, we are not a free advice service for home cabinet builders or canvassers seeking best business practices.Please do not contact us regarding either of these points as we cannot waste time replying to these queries. Plenty of information is available on the internet for these subjects and will provide a more balanced view for you.

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