Build Info

What goes into a Turnarcades arcade?

Every Turnarcades machine is hand-built from the ground up by a small team of builders. Around 50-60 man-hours go into the average complete arcade machine; a combination of woodwork, joinery, electronics and programming skills that use unique techniques developed over 7 years of research and 2 years of building experience.

The Cabinet

Each cabinet is mainly constructed from tough, versatile MDF, with thick timber support struts where applicable for added rigidity and strength. The outer shell is finish in several coats of weather-proof outdoor paint to resist scuffs and spills, and genuine heavy-duty T-moulding to protect the edges from knocks and scrapes.

Every machine is designed to have accessible internals so feature at least one access door, secured with an industry-grade barrel lock. The monitor screening and marquee are made from tough shatter-resistant acrylic and are much lighter than the toughened glass found on commercial machines. All larger cabinets come with heavy-duty castors for ease of movement and strong fixing nuts on those machines that require separation for transport, whilst all smaller machines come with non-slip rubber feet to avoid surface scuffing.

The Controls

All cabinets feature brand new, genuine arcade joysticks and buttons from leading manufacturers like Happ, Suzo, Ultimarc, Seimetsu and Sanwa. Most arcades feature 2 sets of player controls with 6 buttons each in a ‘fighter’ layout, as well as ‘start’, ‘coin’ and ‘admin’ buttons (where applicable) as standard.

All controls are wired into a genuine Ultimarc i-Pac for easy connection to the PC via a PS/2 (keyboard) or USB port. On complete machines, the controls are all set up and programmed for use with the arcade menu software installed.

The Software

All drivers and necessary system files are also installed to support the Turnarcades arcade menu system, which is loaded as soon as the PC is turned on



The Hardware

The actual hardware varies from cabinet to cabinet depending on the physical dimensions and type of cabinet. On complete machines you would have all the necessary hardware installed to plug-and-play, which normally includes:

  • A pre-installed, refurbished PC
  • An appropriate-sized CRT or LCD monitor
  • High-quality stereo PC speakers
  • An internally mounted 4-gang plug bank with all components plugged in, so each machine has only 1 external trailing plug

The spec of the installed PC has been benchmarked to ensure excellent game performance without excessive cost. All of these components are installed on an average complete machine as standard, but can be upgraded at the customer’s request.

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