FAQ – General


Q) Can I have ‘X’ cabinet design/’X’ modifications/’X’ controls?

A) Yes! We are custom arcade builders and will consider all build requests you have. The set cabinet designs shown on the website are just a small selection of what we can do. We will let you know what is and isn’t possible and advise you as necessary so put it all down in an e-mail and we will look it over carefully. If you have any specific or unusual requests, just ask – it could cost less than you think!


Q) How much will custom work cost?

A) Custom work will be priced upon enquiring and will depend on the extra time/tools/labour/materials required to make the modification. Simple cabinet size modifications will cost less than, say, extra controls and electronics work.


Q) Can I have an arcade cabinet built to house my X-Arcade/Hot-Rod/pre-built control panel?

A) Although we recommend against integrating pre-built control panels into an arcade cabinet, we have several cabinet designs that will allow these control panels to be mounted on them. However, due to the lower-grade parts and mis-matched look of these control panels, we recommend you instead consider selling your control panel first and ordering a complete machine for a better look and gaming experience.


Q) How can I get a rough idea of what my cabinet will cost and what options are available?

A) You can use our ‘Quote Builder’ feature to work out what various cabinet/option combinations will cost, but you will need to e-mail us directly to confirm exactly what options you are after to see if any surcharges, discounts or price changes apply.


Q) The ‘Quote Builder’ is not listing options I want or the price is different – are there limits on certain options?

A) Some options may not be available on certain cabinet designs due to space limitations or construction practicality reasons. Similarly, some options may require more work or more materials to add, so are priced accordingly. The ‘Quote Builder’ feature is a good indication of what options are available for your chosen cabinet and the cost, but you should always contact us to confirm the price and ask about other options as we may be able to modify a cabinet design to suit your choice of options.


Q) What is included in a ‘Bare wood’ or ‘Regular’ kit?

A) A ‘Bare wood’ kit includes a full set of bare panels, with a pre-drilled and routed control panel, routed edges for T-moulding, holes for barrel locks, support struts, plus all necessary screws, hinges and catches and full assembly instructions with advice on finishing. A ‘Regular’ kit is essentially a fully assembled and finished cabinet shell, minus the PC, monitor, controls, interface and all associated electronics. With either kit form we can include extras to help you finish your project (such as a set of controls installed on a ‘Regular’ kit, or barrel locks and castors to go with a ‘Bare wood’ kit). This may help as some parts can be hard to find.



Q) What spec PC is used in a full machine?

A) The standard system is a Pentium 3 800Mhz-1Ghz, with 128-256mb RAm, On-board NVIDIA graphics and sound, 20Gb hard drive with 2 USB ports and a CD drive (on most larger models). Due to our custom software tweaks and modifications, this spec has been extensively tested and is perfectly capable of playing many classic arcade games, home console emulators and basic arcade-style PC games at a good speed.


Q) Do you offer a higher PC spec?

A) Yes. We offer a ‘P4 upgrade’ option which will give you a system as follows: Pentium 1.8-2.6Ghz, with 256-512mb RAm, On-board NVIDIA graphics and sound, 40Gb hard drive with 4 USB ports and a CD drive (on most larger models). Due to our custom software tweaks and modifications, this spec has been extensively tested and is perfectly capable of the same as the P3 system, plus will run certain more advanced 3D/polygonal arcade games, 5th-generation console emulators and many modern PC games at a good speed too. We can also upgrade the hard drive and add wireless networking to this spec too to aid with updates and future-proof the PC.


Q) What does the software installation include?

A) Each system is installed with Windows and masked with the Turnarcades arcade operating system (licenced software based on the Mamewah front-end system. The software is modified to remove all performance-sapping services and hide Windows completely during normal operation, loading straight into the game selection menu and navigated entirely using the arcade controls. The menu is programmed to launch MAME and 12 other custom classic platform emulators (with a few more advanced platforms on the P4 upgrade) so all you need to do is add your own MAME version, plus game roms (at your own discretion) or new platform emulators as required and you are good to go! You can return to Windows at any time to modify the software or copy files over to the hard drive, either by disc, flash pen or USB hard drive.


Q) How does the jukebox work?

A) The jukebox feature launches from the game selection menu just like a game, then you just pick your music using the arcade controls. You can queue up your music, alter the volume, pause and skip tracks all using the joystick and buttons. Adding music is easy as you just return to Windows (see above) then drag and drop your .MP3 tracks onto the hard drive – the jukebox will add your new music to the list automatically.


Q) Can I modify the menu skins/platforms/game line-up myself?

A) Yes. The software system is fully customisable and modification is done exactly the same as on the original Mamewah build. Adding your own look, games, emulators, PC games, video previews etc. is all possible using the readily-available online documentation.


Q) Can I send you my PC or pick my own spec to use in my cabinet build?

A) In some circumstances, yes. We use a certain range of small-form-factor PC’s in our builds as they integrate better into the limited confines of an arcade cabinet, plus we have extensively tested our software installation based on a specific hardware setup. We can integrate certain PC hardware but there may be an extra charge for the labour involved and we cannot guarantee that our software installation will function properly or be as stable as it would be on one of our PC’s. If you plan to install your own operating system and software setup, you may do better ordering a ‘Complete kit’ from us instead and fitting the PC yourself.


Q) Can I have ‘X’ front-end or another operating system installed instead of the Turnarcades system?

A) No. We only have permission to install our Mamewah-based front-end on our arcade machines. There is nothing stopping you installing and using your own front-end system and games once you receive your machine, though we are unable to help you with this.



Q) How do I place an order?

A) Ordering is done directly by e-mail. List your chosen cabinet and options on an e-mail and send it to craig@turnarcades.co.uk. We will confirm your order and let you know the total cost and any problems (if any) with options or custom work you have detailed.


Q) How can I pay for my cabinet?

A) Payment can be made by cash, cheque, postal order or Paypal and is usually made in two parts. First, we take a deposit to confirm your order, then the remaining balance is due upon completion, ideally in cash if collecting or cleared by another method before you collect or before a courier is arranged.


Q) How much deposit is required and why is it necessary?

A) On full machines, we usually require a deposit of £250-£500, depending on your chosen cabinet and options. The deposit is necessary to cover a large part of the initial construction cost, including parts, materials and labour – most parts are ordered in on a ‘per cabinet’ basis due to the nature of our custom builds, and we have to be protected in the event an order is cancelled for whatever reason. Breaking the payment down is also good for the customer as it helps break the payment down (meaning the full amount does not have to be found at once) and also protects the customer as we do not get our labour costs covered until the cabinet is completed, ensuring the cabinet will be finished within a reasonable time frame. Obviously the bigger the cabinet and the more options required, the bigger the deposit will need to be. As an example, a typical ‘Master’ cabinet deposit would usually be £350, leaving £400 to pay on completion. Please note that all kits and projects under £400 must be paid for up-front as the cost involved is mostly a labour charge.


Q) How long does a build take?

A) Most full machine builds will take 4-6 weeks, again depending on your chosen cabinet, options and our current schedule. Larger cabinets may take longer, whilst kits will usually take less. You will be given an idea of the completion time for your project upon enquiring, and photos will be sent showing the progress of your project as it comes together.


If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please contact us.

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